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Climate Change and Beef / Sheep Systems

Black cow two calves

Wetter winters and hotter summers due to climate change are forecast.

SRUC is currently focusing on how this affects where livestock are located, and how they are housed, transported and cared for. Through a two-year Defra-funded project led by SAC (Now SRUC) and with inputs from key industry stakeholders, IGER (Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research) a multidisciplinary team will look at the extent of the impact of climate change on UK livestock and will assess how much, if anything, should be spent by government to adapting the sector to potential adverse impacts. 

In addition, SRUC is modelling the distribution, and potential control scenarios, for emerging disease vectors such as the midges that could carry bluetongue disease after its introduction here from the continent.

Prof Bob Rees

Professor of Agriculture & Climate Change / Head of Carbon Management Centre

Address: Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), Peter Wilson Building, Kings Buildings, West Mains Road, Edinburgh EH9 3JG.

Telephone: 0131 535 4365


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