Property Managers and Housing Associations

SAC Consulting offer a range of services to support both Property Managers and Housing Associations to develop policies in relation to trees on the sites they manage as well as tree inventories and mapping services. This can help to assessing the condition of an individual tree through to the tree cover for large complex site with 1000's of trees. SAC Consulting can also develop system and carry out tree surveys with that dispose of their duty of care in relation to tree under the Occupier Liability (Scotland) Act 1960.

  • Advice on current legislation and standards
  • Pre-tender site plans topographical surveys
  • Condition surveys of trees and prioritised remedial recommendations
  • Decay detection services
  • Wildlife and Habitat Surveys (including bats, badgers, birds etc.)
  • Data collection and mapping services (GIS/AutoCAD)

Eildon tree baseEildon small treesTree root by roadLongitudial crack

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