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Elliot Meador

Elliot Meador researcher

Prior to joining SRUC's Rural Policy Centre in November 2015 I held a research post at the University of Missouri specialising in community economic and entrepreneurial development. 

As a researcher of rural economy and society my responsibilities include:

  • Developing innovative research methodologies that will shed light on the role that collective action plays in economic development organisations in Scotland.
  • Modelling social networks and their impact on community economic development.
  • Reviewing and analysing secondary data sources on community resilience and empowerment.

My main areas of interest fall under the umbrella of collective action and social capital frameworks.  I have two areas of focus: (1) rural economic development in the UK and US; and, (2) value chain integration with small holder dairy and maize cooperatives in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda. The research I’ve done in the UK and US looks at social capital, measured empirically through social network analysis, and how it can be developed to increase community organisation capacities.  The work is a continuation of my research in Africa, which looks at social networks and the impact they have on the adoption of hybrid maize seeds and value chain integration.

My future endeavours include the development of a Scottish community climate vulnerability index, which would allow for policy makers and practitioners to identify at-risk rural communities in Scotland in regards to climate change.  In addition, I will soon start work on the new RESAS programme, which looks at Scottish rural development issues. 


  • PhD Rural Sociology & Applied Statistics
  • MS Community Economic Development

Measures of esteem

  • 1st Prize & Fan Favourite Award: Rural Sociology Poster Competition (2015)
  • Hearin Fellow (2010)

Recent refereed publications

  • Meador, J. E. (2015). Women and Food Security in Rural Uganda: 
A baseline study of the effects of microfinance, collective action, empowerment and social capital on food security and access to additional income. African Studies. (Under Review).
  • Meador, J. E. (2014). Review of the book, [Creating a World Without Poverty: Social Business and the Future of Capitalism, by Muhammad Yunus, New York: Public Affairs Press, 2007, 261 pp.] Journal of Community Development.
  • Meador, J. E. (2013) Wild hogs and Delta farmers: A constructivist look at the wild hog problem in the Mississippi Delta. Agrarian Frontiers. 1 (1), 75-87.
  • Campbell, R. & Meador, J. E. (2012). Missouri population trends by county map.

Dr Elliot Meador

Researcher of rural economy and society

Address: Rural Policy Centre, SRUC, King’s Buildings, West Mains Road, Edinburgh, EH9 3JG

Telephone: 0131 535 4338


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