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Benefits of CT Scanning (Sheep)

Charollais tupsCT scanning allows you to more accurately identify the best animals in a flock for breeding. It assists delivery of rams to the commercial sector that will make a real difference to product quality and profitability.

Used in partnership with ultrasound scanning, in a 2-stage selection program, CT offers the opportunity to accelerate the rates of response to selection, for improved carcass quality, in a cost effective way: Example - Charollais tup Logie Durno Earl of Dunbar (bred by W & C Ingram) - CT scanning of the whole body found this tup to be in the top 5% of the breed for total lean meat yield. This position had not been possible with on-farm ultrasound scan results taken from the loin only.

CT can provide additional information on characteristics that Scanning images on computercannot be measured by ultrasound e.g. muscle shape, muscularity, muscle volume, bone density, internal fat, pelvic dimensions.

CT scanning can benefit your breed, improve your product quality and ultimately increase your profits - all vital to ensure business success post CAP reforms.

Your CT scan results predict:

  • carcass tissue weights and %
  • killing out %
  • muscle to bone ratio
  • muscle to fat ratio
  • gigot shape and eye muscle area    

These data are sent to you for each individual animal along with their CT images. The results are also included in the Signet Sheepbreeder calculations of estimated breeding values (EBVs).

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