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Breeders' Comments on CT Scanning

Ct scanning mobile truck

'In the sheep industry we have world leading technology with the aid of CT all body scanning, it’s sad we don’t blow our own trumpet but the UK leads the world in the sheep Industry’s scanning. The NZ sheep industry is copying our ideas to try to catch up, but we have been using this technology for years. The rest of the World understands what we are up too but times may not be tough enough yet for those round the corner to turn to UK sheep genetics and use the technology that is available.'

Arnold Park, Texel and Suffolk breeder

'The substantial extra and accurate information from CT is invaluable when selecting next generation stock rams. CT gives Eye muscle area (which differs greatly from muscle depth as it is that what captures the eye of our eating customer); Objective Gigot shape not breeders subjective judgement; Carcass quality and quantity of muscle, fat and bone.'

Alwyn Phillips, Texel breeder

'Our aim has been to increase lean meat yield in the loin first and gigot second – the most valuable cuts. CT scanning enables us to identify the rams that can deliver this.'

David Smith, Hampshire Down breeder

'Modern terminal sire breeding indexes are designed to optimise the yield of lean meat in the carcase. CT scanning provides the best way to assess this trait directly in the live animal. CT measurements enable breeders to separate the "great" sheep from the good ones and the best CT scanned rams are now commanding a premium - providing a good return to those willing to invest in this important technology.'

Sam Boon, Signet Manager

Further information

To book a scan, please e-mail or telephone Kirsty McLean.

Kirsty McLean

Unit Manager

Address: SRUC, Bush Estate, Penicuik, Mid-Lothian EH26 0QE

Telephone: 0131 535 3250


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