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SRUC CT scanning service is offering dates and locations throughout the United kingdom for you to bring your lambs to for CT scanning.

As you are all aware 2019 will see a few changes in the recording of terminal sire sheep breeds.  We will be offering CT scanning dates at various sites as usual, but please contact us if you have other requirement and we will do our best to fit you in (this will be easier for Edinburgh scanning but if there are enough people interested in another date elsewhere we can always look into it for you).

We’re not sure if people are going to be scanning about the same times as before or if some might prefer an earlier scan date when lambs are closer to their finishing weight so please keep in touch.

CT Scanning Dates 2019:

Month Date Location Deadline for data to Signet* Comments Booking Deadline
May 1st/2nd Stoneleigh / Tiverton   only one of these sites will go ahead depending on number of lambs booked in 1st April
  6th / 7th Edinburgh      
  28th / 29th Thainstone   one day option available for this site 26th April
June 3rd Edinburgh       
  5th  North Sheep      
  25th ?? Dunganon market   Breeders lambs - 50 lambs required 27th May
  26th / 27th  Loughgall NI   AFBI trial lambs  
July 2nd / 3rd / 4th Stoneleigh     3rd June
  8th / 9th Edinburgh      
August 12th Edinburgh      
  20th Aberystwyth     22nd July
  21st / 22nd Aberystwyth   Innovis lambs  
September 9th Edinburgh      
  16th Edinburgh      
  24th / 25th Tiverton     26th August
October     16th    
  • May dates for Stoneleigh / Tiverton - we need 2 days’ worth of lambs (100 lambs) for either of these sites to go ahead. 
    CT scanning ewe
  • Our current thinking is that we will only get enough lambs for one of these sites so if you are interested in either please let us know ASAP
  • June dates in Northern Ireland - we need 50 lambs for this to go ahead         
  • *Texel data deadlines yet to be confirmed

CT Scan Charges 2019

  • Edinburgh - £70/lamb
  • Mobile sites - £97/lamb

CT Scanning Subsidy for 2019 with requirements for eligibility

AHDB - £55 per lamb

  • Minimum of 5 lambs per flock
  • Strict maximum of 8 lambs per flock
  • Male lambs only

QMS – 50% of per lamb cost

  • Minimum of 5 lambs per flock
  • A maximum of 15 lambs per flock or 10 lambs per flock if a breeder has lambs to be scanned from more than one flock
  • Male lambs only

HCC – (50% of per lamb cost – still awaiting confirmation of this)

  • Minimum of 5 lambs per flock
  • A maximum of 15 lambs per flock or 10 lambs per flock if a breeder has lambs to be scanned from more than one flock
  • Male lambs only

Important Information - Please Read

  • Ideally a selection of sires should be represented in the group of lambs you bring for CT scanning.
  • Lambs MUST be off food for a minimum of 4 hours before scanning.
  • Ideally lambs should be back-fat scanned before they come for CT.
  • Lambs should be around 17 - 24 weeks of age at CT scanning but younger lambs must be well grown (around 40kg).
  • Female lambs can be CT scanned but will not be eligible for subsidy.
  • Lambs withdrawn 10 days before the scan date will be charged at the full unsubsidised rate.  

Kirsty McLean

Unit Manager

Address: SRUC CT Scanner Unit, c/o Roslin Institute building, Easter Bush, Penicuik, Mid-Lothian, EH25 9RG

Telephone: 0131 535 3251

E-mail: kirsty.mclean@sruc.ac.uk

CT Scanner Unit

Address: Allan Watt Building, Bush Estate, Penicuik, Midlothian, EH26 0QE

Telephone: 0131 535 3251

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