Epidemiology Research Unit

Inverness staffThe Inverness-based Epidemiology Research Unit is focused on improving and maintaining animal population health and welfare by integrating a range of science, including epidemiology, to develop our understanding of animal disease control. 

We also engage in research into animal diseases that can affect humans (zoonoses). We are currently engaged in a range of studies to help provide an evidence base to all stakeholders involved with the livestock industry.

Current areas of research include:

  • Reducing the impact of animal disease outbreaks
  • Comparing existing biosecurity measures for endemic diseases against biosecurity needs for exotic threats
  • Evaluating animal disease surveillance systems
  • EPIC (Epidemiology, Population Health and Infectious Disease Control)
  • Knowledge exchange for control of Johne‚Äôs disease with Scottish farmers
  • Measuring and monitoring disease to enhance livestock health
  • Administrative and analytical support for Scottish and GB pig health schemes
  • Provide research base and consultancy to support UK cattle health schemes
  • In addition we input to a range of important zoonotic disease projects

The team is recognised for expertise in animal disease surveillance and large-scale field studies investigating the epidemiology of infectious diseases. In particular, focus has been on pestiviruses (BVDV), mycobacteria (paratuberculoses), sheep viral diseases and with high profile funding for epidemiological investigations of zoonotic pathogens (VTECs 0157 and 026).  Research supported by the Scottish Government, DEFRA, EU, Wellcome, BBSRC, British Pig Executive, Quality Meat Scotland, FSA among others.

Another area of recognition is the coupling of social sciences, including animal health economics, to population medicine to explore the drivers and barriers to uptake of emerging new disease control measures.

Aside from research the team is involved in consultancy at regional, national and international level and regularly host meetings, workshops and conferences.

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Prof George Gunn

Team Leader/Head of Veterinary Epidemiology

Address: Future Farming Systems
Epidemiology Research Unit
Plot 10, An Lòchran
Inverness Campus

Telephone: 01463 246066

Fax: 01463 236579

E-mail: george.gunn@sruc.ac.uk