Dairy Goats

Costs & Returns

Capital Costs

Buildings, housing: Very variable, high if starting from scratch. Generally similar to those for sheep dairying.

Stock: £175 - £250/head (mature does 50 - 60 kg). Parlour & milking equipment: A single abreast parlour with feed manager for 12 or more goats costs about £13,000 to install. Pasteurising & carton sealing machine costs about £10,000 new

Other: Fencing, machinery, gates, feeding racks, water supply and working capital (up to one year). 

Running Costs

Variable costs range between £110 - £205/head. This includes for concentrates (£40-£75), forage (£40-£80), vet & med (£20 - £25), straw (£10 - £20), miscellaneous (£5 - £10). Additional transport costs to delivery point or retail outlet.  


  • Milk: £0.35 - £0.55 per litre wholesale (retail sales may fetch £1.00 - £1.20 per litre).
  • Cull stock - £20/head.
  • Meat - £25/head.

Gross margins £30 - £160/head (milk only) depending on yeild and milk quality. This will be higher if the milk is processed. Very vulnerable to price variation and having a market for the product.

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