Dairy Goats

Physical Requirements

Land: Field shelter is required. Not a major land user, requiring upwards of 70% of forage from conserved feed. Need other livestock to complement goat grazing. 10 - 12 goats per ha with 990 - 1200 kg liveweight of cattle per ha.

Buildings: Dry, well ventilated (1.7 - 2 m2/animal if housed in loose pens). Milking parlour needed for herds >50. Milk processing rooms.

Labour: Additional labour required for milking. As a rule of thumb 1 person for 100 goats (although on larger units 1 person could handle up to 200)

Equipment: Goat-proof fencing, milking machines, processing equipment. One buck per 40-50 does and young goats can be mated after 6-7 months. 

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