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Animal Feed Testing

Farmer Feeding Sheep

Testing animal feeds allows you to evaluate the feeds and ensure profitable, well-balanced rations which in turn help to avoid nutritional disorders.

We provide full proximate and a comprehensive analysis for concentrates and compound feeds with predictions of energy values. We offer testing on feeds for a wide range of animals including pigs, horses, poultry, sheep and cattle.

Downloads for Sampling and Submitting

Animal feed tests offered include:

  • Animal Feed - Crude Protein (Kjeldahl)
  • Animal Feed - Crude Fibre
  • Animal Feed - Oil A (EE)
  • Animal Feed - Sample Preparation / Dry Matter
  • Ruminant Feed Energy Prediction (DM, CP, AHEE, NCGD, ME)
  • Pig Feed Energy Prediction (DM, CP, AHEE, ASH, NDF, DE)
  • Poultry Feed Energy Prediction (DM, CP, AHEE, Starch, Sugar, ME)
  • Animal Feed - ASH
  • Animal Feed - Oil B (AHEE)
  • Animal Feed Mineral Analysis (P, K, Mg, Ca, Na, Cu, Zn, Fe, S, B, Mn)
  • Animal Feed - Selenium
  • Animal Feed - Starch
  • Animal Feed - Sugar
  • Animal Feed - Fresh pH
  • Animal Feed - Gross Energy
  • Animal Feed - MADF (Modified Acid Detergent Fibre)
  • Animal Feed - NDF (Natural Detergent Fibre)
  • Animal Feed - ADF (Acid Detergent Fibre)
  • Animal Feed - NCGD (Neutral Cellulase Gammanase Digestibility)
  • Animal Feed - WSC (Water Soluble Carbohydrate)
  • Animal Feed - ADIN
  • Animal Feed - Salmonella
  • Animal Feed - Listeria
  • Animal Feed - Titanium

Analytical Services Department

Central Analytical Laboratory

Address: SRUC Veterinary Services, Pentland Science Park, Bush Loan, Penicuik, Midlothian, EH26 0PZ

Telephone: 0131 535 3170

Fax: 0131 535 3171


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