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Feed/Soil Analysis for Vet Practitioners

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The provision of this service enables the veterinary practitioner to offer a more comprehensive approach to clients with livestock enterprises. We offer a fast, accurate analytical service covering feed, silage and soil evaluation. The results are given with a general recommendation, but specific advice and interpretation is available from SAC’s agricultural and nutritional advisers.

Animal Feed Analysis

A low nutrient intake from the diet may be the cause of ill thrift or poor performance and is often overlooked. SRUC offers a comprehensive range of tests on animal feeds.

Silage (grass and whole crop) and hay can be analysed using the latest NIR techniques. The results of energy, protein and digestibility are available within five days. In the case of grass silage a graphical representation of fermentation characteristics are also given. Major and trace element analyses are also available. For ration formulation, a representative sample of the whole pit or from a number of bales is required. However, to monitor what the animals are actually eating at the present time, grab samples are taken from the silage face.

Soil Analysis

  • Soil analysis may be carried out as part of a detailed herd investigation into the causes behind ill thrift or poor productivity
  • Soil fertility is the basis of all crop growth, supplying plant nutrients to the growing crop which in turn acts as a supply of nutrients to the grazing animal
  • Accurate independent assessment of soil fertility will provide information to optimise yields and increase productivity by determining correct fertiliser and lime inputs. Analysis can be extended to include minor elements in order to determine the cause of a deficiency such as copper or cobalt
  • Standard testing for pH, lime requirements, P, K and Mg levels are available within 5 working days. Minor element analysis is available in 10 days
  • Soil samples can be taken by vets or farmers. They must be submitted in SAC soil sampling bags. A sampling pack with instructions is available on request from your local advisory office if in Scotland or Signet if in England or Wales

Downloads for Sampling and Submitting

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