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Specialist Farm Animal Services - Pigs

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SRUC’s Pig Services provide support to veterinary practices, pig farmers and commercial companies involved with the UK pig industry. Our emphasis is on the provision of diagnostic services and practical advice to improve the health and productivity of pig production.

Latest advice

Visit the Scottish Pig Disease Control Centre for practical disease advice for pig farmers. Download the following posters and leafets:

PEDv in Scotland from 2nd March 2016......

Pig keepers and their vets are legally obliged to report any suspicious cases of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea (PEDv) to the Scottish Pig Disease Control Centre under the Specified Diseases (Notification) Amendment (Scotland) Order 2016. Notification of suspicion should be made by phone using the dedicated phoneline (01466 705 247). PEDv became a notifiable disease in England in December 2015.

Visit these pages for information on Influenza in Pigs

Disease Diagnosis

We offer a comprehensive and efficient diagnostic service for pig diseases. This is the basis of  disease surveillance information for the  pig industry as well as a testing facility for commercial companies. We are committed to developing and providing the latest in diagnostic technology. Please refer to our latest price list for the full range of tests and services.

  • Post Mortem Examination
    Post mortem examinations and abortion investigations can be carried out. Each Veterinary Services centre has a fully equipped post mortem room for all farm animal species.
  • Molecular Biology
    PCR detection of a range of pig pathogens is carried out at our central laboratory in Edinburgh
  • Microbiology
    Services cover bacteriology and sensitivity testing, microscopy and mycology.
  • Serology
    Tests for diagnostic and screening purposes are available for a range of important porcine diseases. 
  • Histopathology and Cytology
    Our histopathologists provide specialist reports on  post mortem samples, biopsies and surgical tissues, aspirates and body fluids.
  • Clinical Pathology
    A  range of biochemical and haematological tests and hormone assays is available for diagnostic purposes and health monitoring.
  • Parasitology
    Routine examinations for internal and external parasitesare performed at local Centres

Health Monitoring

Screening for the presence or absence of key pathogens in support of health monitoring programmes is currently carried out on a range of sample types including oral fluids .

Test protocols can be tailored to meet specific client needs.

On-farm Consultancy

  • Farm advisory visits covering  health, husbandry and management.
  • Problem solving in areas which affect productivity and profitability
  • Ongoing support and veterinary advice as well as back up from other SRUC specialists to cater for all aspects of a pig enterprise, for example buildings and ventilation

Commercial Contracts

SRUC has a good reputation for field and laboratory based work for commercial clients e.g. pharmaceutical, feed and pig breeding companies.

For further information, contact your local  SRUC Veterinary Services Centre.

Veterinary Services Enquiries

Address: SRUC Veterinary Services, Pentland Science Park, Bush Loan, Penicuik, Midlothian, EH26 0PZ

Telephone: 0131 535 3130

Fax: 0131 535 3131


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