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Submission Of Live Farm Animals For Postmortem Examination

Guidance extracted from Annex 1, Chapter I of the EU Animal Welfare during Transport Regulation (Regulation (EC) 1/2005)

No animal shall be transported unless it is fit for the intended journey.

All animals shall be transported in conditions guaranteed not to cause them injury or unnecessary suffering.

Animals that are injured, present physiological weaknesses or pathological processes shall not be considered fit for transport, in particular if:

  • They are unable to move independently without pain or to walk unassisted
  • They present a severe open wound or a prolapse
  • They are pregnant females for whom 90% or more of the expected gestation period has already passed, or females who have given birth in the previous week
  • They are new-born animals in which the navel has not completely healed.
  • They are pigs less than three weeks, lambs less than one week, or calves less than ten days, unless they are transported less than 100 km
However, sick or injured animals may be considered for transport if they are in
  • Slightly injured or ill and transport would not cause additional suffering; in cases of doubt, veterinary advice should be sought.
  • Transported under veterinary supervision for or following veterinary treatment or diagnosis. However, such transport shall be permitted only where no unnecessary suffering or ill treatment is caused to the animals concerned. It is illegal to lift or drag the animals by the head, horns, tail or fleece, or handle them in such a way as to cause unnecessary pain or suffering.
  • Provided with appropriate bedding: Piglets less than 10 kg, lambs less than 20 kg, calves less than 6 months, and foals less than 4 months must be provided with appropriate bedding to guarantee their comfort and ensure adequate absorption of faeces and urine.
  • A more comprehensive summary of EC Regulation 1/2005 is available on request from your local DSC.

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