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Wild bird disease surveillance in Scotland

Vets at SAC Consulting Veterinary Services regularly examine wild bird carcases if there is significant public concern, if there is a risk that a disease might be present that could spread to humans or livestock, or if poisoning is suspected. This work is supported by Scottish Government as part of its Public Good Veterinary and Advisory Services.

If a member of the public is concerned about wild bird mortality they should consult their local SAC Disease Surveillance Centre or Tom Pennycott at Ayr Disease Surveillance Centre (01292 520318).

There are three main strands to wild bird disease surveillance in Scotland:

  • General wild bird disease surveillance
  • Surveillance for avian influenza virus by wild bird ecologists and wardens
  • Investigation of "mass mortality incidents"

Take a look at the other pages in this section for information on these strands.

Further information

Visit the Downloads link at the foot of this page for information on:

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  • List of Targeted Species 2011
  • Salmonellosis in Garden Birds
  • Trichomonosis – A New Threat to Britain’s Garden Birds
  • West Nile Virus in Wild Birds and Horses

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