African Swine Fever

African Swine Fever - December 2018 Update

Several months ago the risk of an incursion of African swine fever into the UK was increased from LOW to MEDIUM for entry of ASF contaminated or infected products (although the risk of exposure to the pig population in the UK is still dependent on the level of biosecurity on pig premises and is still considered to be LOW).  

As a result, Scottish Government and the other UK administrations (Defra, Welsh Government and DAERA) have been working together with APHA on a communication strategy to help raise awareness of the disease and the potential risk pathways by which the disease could be introduced.  By highlighting these risk pathways and suggested actions that can be taken to help reduce the risks, it may help prevent an incursion of this disease.

Please find below some further information that you may find useful:

  • News release warning pig keepers not to feed their animals kitchen scraps
  • Scottish Government website – page on ASF
  • Two short videos produced by Scottish Government, aimed at commercial pig keepers and small holders/pet pig owners
  • Five short videos produced by APHA and Defra, aimed at pig keepers and veterinarians
  • Two leaflets providing advice to hauliers and hunters have also been produced to help raise awareness of how the disease could be introduced into the UK through those particular activities, and risk mitigating measures to help prevent an incursion.  We are targeting all hauliers, including producers visiting the continent to purchase sheep and cattle
  • Two letters to accompany the above haulier and hunter leaflets, signed by all four Chief Veterinary Officers (CVOs)
  • CVO article in the Vet Record – this has also been emailed to OVs


Further to the above material, current and future efforts are going towards targeting travellers entering the UK, aiming to get messaging in ports and airports.

Please also note that a press notice for Eastern European media based in the UK was published, targeted at returning travellers (e.g. the dangers of bringing meat products from abroad), and a poster showing ASF clinical signs has been sent to abattoirs and shared with FSS.

ASF is a contagious viral disease of pigs and boar, threatening their welfare and productivity.  There are no vaccines.  ASF poses no risk to human health.

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