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Environmental Noise

Ascog noise assessmentSAC Consulting can offer a wide range of independent, expert support on all aspects of Environmental Noise, from supporting planning applications to stand-alone noise assessment requirements for all aspects of Environmental Noise, its prediction, assessment, mitigation and control.

Our team has experience in a variety of projects ranging from large-scale wind-farm noise impact studies to BS 4142 assessments of Industrial noise to simple WHO guideline compliance checking for local authorities.

SAC Consulting have offices all over Scotland and Northern England and can offer a competitively priced service using its team of experts located throughout Scotland. SAC Consulting have an understanding of the greater issues involved with Environmental Noise and have a client base ranging from small farmers to larger estate owners and local authorities to large commercial companies. SAC Consulting have had experience in a wide variety of projects covering most local authority areas in Scotland and have built up a reputation of quality and reliability with many Environmental Health divisions.

Environmental Noise is becoming of more concern in many development applications across many industries. SAC Consulting is in a position to serve any industry with the expert advice they require on noise impacts, assessment, mitigation and control.


  • Consultation with relevant authorities to ascertain requirements
  • Desk based assessments for planning applications
  • Prediction of noise levels and likely impacts
  • Noise control engineering and design
  • On site measurement both short and long term
  • Full detailed reporting for relevant authorities
  • Release of planning conditions
  • Post planning compliance checking
  • Mitigation techniques
  • Due diligence

Case Study: St Cyrus Noise Assessment

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