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Highland Crackers – Healthy Crackers

Highland Crackers –
Healthy Crackers

Highland Crackers is an award-winning product range which uses only natural ingredients. The range has won many accolades such as Great Taste Awards for 2015, 2016 and 2017. Highland Crackers were interested in extending their product range and have developed an idea, based on the increasing awareness in using nutrition to address health concerns and increases in general digestive intolerance, to develop a cracker that is both beneficial to general health and gut friendly. 

Highland Crackers approached SRUC with a project to help them develop of a new manufacturing process for the production of a new baked cracker that utilises ground organic seeds and incorporate regionally sourced raw materials that are organic, vegan, low GI, low Fodmap, Paleo, high omega 3, high in magnesium.

Funding for this initiative came through the Scottish Funding Council Interface Innovation vouchers, which enabled expert input from SRUC’s Hospitality department to tackle the problem.  Hospitality students based at SRUC Elmwood were also able to learn about product development first hand during this product.

After receiving recipe, ingredients information and sample products from Highland Crackers, SRUC development chefs were able to develop 2 baked crackers using seeds and a variety of other locally sourced Scottish raw materials. To allow Healthy Crackers to meet the criteria of the paleo diet SRUC carried out research on a number of seeds that could be blended together to produce the base for the crackers and included seaweed for extra health benefits. SRUC produced multiple iterations of the products and using feedback from highland Crackers able to produce the desired final product. 

Donna Peacock, Highland Crackers Founding Director: “The Collaboration was a very positive experience, objectives were clear, communication concise and thorough throughout. The project kept to projected timescales which made it run smoothly. As ideas developed based on the initial work there was flexibility within the scope which was key to success.”


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