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Crop Testing

Barley stems

Historically plants were tested only as a means of diagnosing the cause of poor growth or to determine the reason behind observed visual symptoms.  However these visual symptoms rarely show before the 3-leaf stage.

Plant nutrient analysis can be used as a tool to assess additional fertiliser requirements (especially for minor nutrients) and can be carried out as soon as there is sufficient plant material to sample.  Crop analysis at this early stage can prove to be a cost effective management tool, indicating what if any, nutrient sprays are required.  This means appropriate fertilisers and sprays can be applied before the plants start to suffer.

Crop analysis can be used to determine the cause of some plant or animal disorders and can also be used to determine the chemical content of barley grain for use in malting.

Downloads for Sampling and Submitting

Crop Tests Offered

  • Sample Preparation / Dry Matter
  • Malting Barley N, Moisture Content (Inst. of Brewers - Kjeldahl)
  • Nitrogen (Kjeldahl)
  • Mineral Package (DM, Total P, TK, TMg, TCa, TNa, TCu, TZn, TFe, TS, TB, TMn)
  • Mineral Package + N Package
  • Plant Molybdenum
  • Plant Cobalt
  • Plant Selenium

Analytical Services Department

Central Analytical Laboratory

Address: SRUC Veterinary Services, Pentland Science Park, Bush Loan, Penicuik, Midlothian, EH26 0PZ

Telephone: 0131 535 3170

Fax: 0131 535 3171


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