Crop Clinic News - 19 October 2017

Tractor ploughing at field experiment

The weather is still hampering the harvest of many crops with a subsequent delay in the sowing of winter cereals. This should be taken into account when assessing the estimated Scottish Cereals and Oilseed Rape Harvest figures released last week by the Scottish Government, which are based on crops already harvested in September. Final estimates, based on a survey of cereal and oilseed rape farms, will be published in December and may paint a more realistic and downbeat picture. For farmers battling to get crops lifted and sown talk of record yields may well ring hollow in their ears.

As in previous years the ‘north/south divide’ has been confirmed with the English results for wheat bulb fly suggesting a ‘low risk’, which is the opposite north of the border where there is a risk to late-sown wheat. Similarly the risk in England from BYDV has been stated to be low in the farming press, but that is not the case in our neck of the woods.  

Our thoughts are starting to turn to our winter meetings and the messages from trials this season. The dates for the winter roadshows are in the SRUC news section in the back of this report but we will be touring Carfraemill, Perth, Inverurie and Inverness again in January and hope to see many of you there. 

Don’t forget the various Farm Advisory Service (FAS) events being held over the winter as well where SRUC contributors to the Crop Protection Report will be presenting. See the FAS website for more details.

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