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General Vet Guidance for PSGHS

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Scrapie Genotyping

We offer Scrapie Genotyping to enable:

  1. Breeders to select sheep with inherited resistance to classical Scrapie.
  2. Sheep exports. (should your client wish to join the Scrapie Monitoring Scheme (SMS) click here

DEFRA gave permission for SAC Consulting results for Scrapie Genotyping to be used for export purposes in November 2009.

The procedure is as follows:

A fresh blood sample must be collected by your vet and the submission form must state the animal's full identification number including its UK flock number.

In addition we require the animal's breed, age and sex.

Download the Scrapie Genotyping Submission Form

Please tick that you require "an individual certificate for each animal" on the submission form if the sheep are for sale or export.


For most sheep breeds 2-codon (136/171) testing is sufficient to place the animal in the appropriate scrapie risk group (1 to 5). 

Please note for export purposes the 3-codon test (136/154/171) is required.

All these tests are fully accredited by the independent accreditation body UKAS to ISO 17025.

Where to send Samples and Forms

Please ensure that the submission form is completed with full details if testing for export may be required.

EDTA blood samples accompanied by SAC Consulting paperwork for scrapie genotyping must be sent to:

SAC Consulting Veterinary Services, Allan Watt Building, Bush Estate, Penicuik, Midlothian EH26 0QE.

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