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General Vet Guidance for PSGHS

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Scrapie Monitoring Scheme

Information for your clients

If your client becomes a member of the Scrapie Monitoring Scheme (SMS) they commit to sending all fallen stock over 18 months of age for TSE testing. Until now this has involved taking the dead animals to the Regional Veterinary Laboratories of APHA (England & Wales) or Disease Surveillance Centres of SAC Consulting (Scotland). From 1st August 2016 farmer members will be able to ask for TSE testing by
some fallen stock collectors who are members of the National Fallen Stock Company (NFSCo). They will also collect and dispose of the carcase.

Further information, forms, letters and list of Fallen Stock Collectors click on the link below

Scrapie Monitoring Scheme latest information about carcass collection etc. click here Diseases Covered

Information also available about Scrapie Genotyping for selective breeding

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