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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

Information For Show And Sales Organisers

Approval for an MV/CAE accredited event is required, and the following information gives guidance for Shows and Sales Organisers, as well as the necessary application forms to download. Approval is required for Shows and/or Shows & Sales involving MV/CAE accredited stock if they are to maintain their accredited status.

Please note that to hold an MV/CAE accredited Show or Sale we will require a completed application and event declaration, the application may be returned to us by post, by fax or email. You must keep a current plan identifying the area on the Showground where the animals are to be :

  • Penning designated for MV/CAE Accredited stock from Non Accredited stock
  • Unloading and reloading points for MV or CAE Accredited stock and Non Accredited stock
  • Routes of movement within the Show/Saleground e.g. from pennage to sale/exhibition ring including Grand Parade
  • Judging arrangements for animals of different status
  • Your event may be subject to inspection

Further Information

Take a look at our event rules, checklists and application forms.

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