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How to Join and Information for Members

PSGHS Monitoring Schemes


While PSGHS Accreditation is the gold standard, the new Monitoring Schemes provide a level of assurance for buyers looking to reduce disease risk. PSGHS Monitoring Schemes are being launched for two important infectious sheep diseases: maedi visna (MV) and Johne’s disease, with potential for other diseases to be added in future. 

The Monitoring Schemes are based on annual testing of three main cohorts for each separately managed flock:

  • Targeted testing of high-risk adult animals - either 12 or 20 depending on the size of flock (above or below 500).
  • Testing of rams
  • Testing a proportion of added animals where they have lower health status, as these pose the greatest risk in introducing disease.

Download a digital Advice Guide ' for information on the go' and PSGHS Monitoring  Rules and Price List. plus our Application Form.

Testing can be done at any time of year but SRUC ask that members allow six weeks before animals are sold to give plenty of time for arranging sampling, testing, and reporting. The farm’s private veterinary surgeon must take the samples. PSGHS Monitoring Submission Form

SRUC Veterinary Services decided on a targeted testing approach, as opposed to testing a random sample, following years of experience detecting disease using “12 ewe screens” which are regularly used by many commercial flocks. The PSGHS MV Accreditation Scheme also successfully uses 12 ewe screens in non-accredited commercial flocks run by MV accredited members. Targeting of the animals to test is based on selection by a veterinary surgeon of those that are thinner or have raised poor lambs/had a poor milk yield with no other apparent  reason on examination e.g. lameness or dental disease. This means fewer animals need to be tested compared to a test based on a random selection of animals.

Another important part of membership is an annual appraisal of farm biosecurity, working through a biosecurity guidance checklist with the farm vet.  The Health Status Report for a Monitored flock will record the number of years that a flock has been monitored and will be awarded annually.

PSGHS MV Monitored is not as high a health status as MV Accredited. MV Monitored status doesn't qualify animals for entry into MV Accredited sections of shows and sales, or meet export regulations that require MV Accreditation.


For further information contact the St Boswell's Team.

Address: SRUC Veterinary Services, Greycrook, St Boswells TD6 0EQ

Telephone: 01835 822456   Email:

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