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Johne's Disease

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Key Points on Johne’s Disease in Sheep and Goats

The disease:

  • The same bacteria causes Johne’s disease in both cattle and sheep and goats.
  • The bacteria can survive for many months on pasture.
  • Johne’s bacteria can be spread by wildlife e.g. deer and rabbits.


  • Young lambs and kids are most susceptible to infection.
  • Disease symptoms take a few years to develop.
  • Loss of condition is the main symptom.
  • Scouring is much less common in sheep and goats than in cattle.
  • Bottle jaw (swelling under the jaw) may be seen in the later stages.


  • Target testing to animals that are thin for no obvious reason i.e. not broken mouthed or lame.
  • Investigate ewes on good grass that fail to gain weight after weaning.
  • A blood test is available but animals in the early stages of infection can test negative.
  • Faecal testing can be done (submit individual samples for pooling at the lab).
  • Remember - other conditions can cause ill thrift.
  • Post mortems can be used to diagnose Johne’s disease but will also identify other problems such as liver fluke, MV/CAE or Jaagsiekte (OPA).


  • Do not graze sheep and goats with cattle and keep stocking rates as low as possible.
  • Housing and/or lambing in-bye can increase the risk of lambs and kids becoming infected. Use plenty of bedding and dag ewes if necessary.
  • Move stock into lower risk areas as soon as possible.
  • Cull suspect/confirmed cases as soon as possible and DO NOT keep the offspring of infected animals as replacements.
  • Provide mains water from clean troughs where possible.
  • Wean lambs onto grass that was not grazed by adult sheep this year if possible.
  • The available vaccine will reduce losses but it will not eradicate Johne’s from a flock or herd.


Further Information

Download our Johne's Disease health scheme forms.

Download the PSGHS Price List.

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