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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

Diseases Covered

Enzootic Abortion Of Ewes (EAE)

Disease Overview

Enzootic Abortion of Ewes (EAE) ranks as one of the most common causes of abortion in sheep in the UK. It is primarily a disease of low ground flocks and disease can spread rapidly in intensively managed systems. Once established, the infection is persistent and difficult to erradicate. EAE is also a human health hazard which can pose a serious threat to pregnant women.

Economic Impact

  • Financial loss to the industry is estimated to be £15 million per year
  • A 5% abortion rate can reduce potential gross margin by 10%
  • Each ewe that aborts can represent a reduction in gross margin of £95

Benefits of Joining the Scheme

  • Helps minimise the risk of introducing EAE to the flock
  • Provides membership of a nationally recognised health scheme
  • Gives the opportunity to add value to female breeding stock
  • Gives buyers the opportunity to purchase clean replacements
  • Allows new entrants the opportunity to establish a clean flock
  • Useful in organic systems

Further Information

Download our EAE testing forms.

Download the PSGHS Price List.

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