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PCHS Testing Procedures

Which Animals to Test for each Disease

New members to PCHS - Initial Screening

IMPORTANT: Prior to blood sampling your animals please fill in your application form first and post to the address on the form. We will then supply you with barcoded labels specific to the animals that require to be tested to ensure the correct tests are undertaken. Please note all tests can be done on clotted blood (Red top). Barcoded labels are NOT supplied for BVD check tests.

To find out which animals you need to test as a new member working towards certification please refer to qualifying tests for each disease on the table below. Please refer to CHeCS Techncal Document for a more detailed version or a downloadable quick guide here. The paperwork we send you will instruct you on which animals to test.

Guidance for your vet here

Existing Members - Ongoing Testing

When your annual/routine  testing is due the PCHS will supply you with barcoded labels specific to the animals that require to be tested.

Please note all tests can be done on clotted blood (Red top). Guidance for your vet is available here. Please fully complete the PCHS submission form we send you as this should accompany all samples. 

  • For testing OUTSIDE THE ROUTINE SCREENING please use this submission form for added animals, clinical screen, reproductive failure, bulk milk test, quarantine test, retest


Samples should be dispatched to the laboratory within 48 hours of collection and should be kept refrigerated after collection until dispatch.

For the latest testing protocols please refer to CHeCS Technical Document. For any queries please call us 01835 822 456.

  • Tag and Test info for BVD is available here


Disease Age range of stock to be tested Comment
Johne's disease: Status Qualifying or Control All animals over two years of age to be tested annually. Testing is only one part of the control programme.
BVD: Status Qualifying and Accredited Five animals from each separately managed group of unvaccinated homebred cattle in the age range 9 to 18 months OR all animals born in a 12 month period to be tested for BVD virus. Ensure that all groups are screened and that every year the calf crop is screened.
BVD: Eradication (where evidence of infection has been found in the qualifying tests or in any other testing done in the herd) Test all animals in the herd over one month of age on one occasion. Test all animals born in the herd in the 12 months after removal of the last persistently infected animal. Please contact your PCHS client manager to discuss the options.
Leptospira hardjo: Status Qualifying Lepto All animals aged 2 years and over and all animals aged 1 year and over intended for breeding to be tested at an interval of 6 to 12 months. Two clear tests required.
Leptospira hardjo: Status Accredited Statistical sample of animals 12 months of age and older intended for breeding in each separately managed group  
IBR: Status Qualifying All animals over 12 months of age to be tested at an interval of 1 to 12 months. Two clear tests required.
IBR: Status Accredited All animals over 12 months of age to be tested annually according to the sampling frame.  



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