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Dairy Diagnostics Service

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Dairy Diagnostics that Make a Difference

  • A unique range of diagnostic tests and services to help dairy herd owner/managers and veterinary practices.
  • Tailored, relevant and cost effective testing geared to each herd. 
  • A ‘one stop shop’ for all your herd testing needs.
  • Fully interpreted results reported to both farmer and vet.
  • Veterinary expertise at every step to make a real difference on the farm.

Supporting You

We are much more than just a diagnostic service.

Our vets in SRUC Veterinary Services have specific dairy expertise and are supported by colleagues in nutrition, consultancy, epidemiology and research which means that we can offer you the right support when it counts. 

Making a Difference!

  • Infectious disease diagnosis and monitoring
    We can test milk, tissue or blood and advise on further steps for disease control and the option of CHeCS accreditation. Click here for BVD Tag and Test
  • Mastitis and milk quality
    We provide a comprehensive milk bacteriology service from experienced microbiologists with veterinary interpretation and advice.
  • Metabolic disease and trace element status
    We can help you monitor the risks of metabolic disease such as ketosis and milk fever. In addition other nutritional risks such as copper poisoning or deficiency diseases can be assessed.    
  • Parasitic disease monitoring
    We can help inform your herd’s treatment and management decisions by analysing faeces, bulk milk and blood samples to determine worm and fluke burdens and risk.
  • Silage and feed analysis
    We can help with ration formulation, feed budgeting and highlight nutritional issues that might affect health and production. 
  • Soil and slurry testing
    We offer a service to help ensure the best use of your farm nutrients.
  • On farm consultancy
    Our veterinary team and Consultants are available to offer consultancy to meet your needs.
  • Training
    As an educational organisation we can provide face to face and online training packages for farmers and veterinary surgeons.

For further information download our:

Farm Animal Services Price List

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Dumfries Disease Surveillance Centre

Address: St Mary's Industrial Estate, Dumfries DG1 1DX.

Telephone: 01387 267260


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