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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

PCHS Acknowledgements

The health programmes were prepared by a team of veterinary staff from SAC Consultng Veterinary Science: George Caldow, Mark Crawshaw, George Gunn and Sheila Rusbridge.

The postgraduate training of George Gunn was sponsored by Inverness and Nairn Enterprise (INE) and Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) who also sponsored the development of the preliminary cattle health programmes and this is gratefully acknowledged.

Many colleagues, including several from veterinary practice provided technical assistance and advice with the preliminary BVD, IBR, Johne's disease and L. hardjo programmes.

Particular thanks are due to:

  • Dr P. Nettleton, Moredun Research Institute, Edinburgh
  • Dr S. Alenius, National Veterinary Institute Uppsala
  • Dr A. Lindberg and Dr L. Hult, Swedish Dairy Association
  • Dr D. Alves, Agriculture Canada
  • Dr H. Houe, Danish Centre for Management of Animal Production and Health
  • Dr V. Bitsch, Danish Dairy Board
  • Dr O. Osteras, Norwegian National Veterinary Institute
  • Dr W. Ellis, Stormont
  • Mr L. Gibson, DEFRA
  • Dr M. Bloemraad, ID-DLO Lelystad
  • Dr T. Jessep NSW Co-ordinator, Johne's Disease Market Assurance Programme
  • Dr C Baldock, AusVet Animal Health Services
  • Dr D. Kennedy, AAHC's National Johne's Disease Programme

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