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Useful Forms and Information

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How to Join and Information for Members

Our SRUC Veterinary Services have operated a network of veterinary diagnostic laboratories throughout Scotland for many years. Close links have been forged between our vets, farmers and vets in practice throughout Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales.

We have a team of vets with considerable practical experience of cattle diseases and we believe we can provide you with the best advice available.

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Guidance information for your Vet.

How Does The Scheme Work?

The Scheme aims to:

  • Eliminate specific diseases from cattle herds on a national scale
  • Provide breeding cattle of Certified Health Status.
  • Prevent the introduction of specific diseases to herds free of disease.
  • Maintain freedom from specific diseases through proactive prevention and control

Each disease has a testing programme with rules and conditions. Your vet collects relevant samples and certifies that bio-security/ herd conditions are met. PCHS will issue certificates once the herd has been shown to be free of the disease. Our preferred sample for testing is Red Tops (serum) for all PCHS testing. We can no longer test pooled samples for BVD virus by PCR on heparinised samples.

Most Breed Societies require animals to be tested and 'Health Status' declared for these major endemic diseases. Access their websites via our Breed Societies Links page.

How To Join

Please discuss the scheme with your vet. To enrol, simply download and complete the PCHS Application Form sign and send to us. If you are interested in Bovine TB Herd Accreditation please click here for details

Membership and Testing Fees

Annual PCHS membership is priced per herd and is a competitive rate each year whether you are testing for just one or as many as four diseases. Please see Price List for testing fees. You will be invoiced directly by us.

Sample Requirements

  1. Please ask your vet to use Red Top Tubes (serum) for all PCHS testing.
  2. Please use preservatives with milk samples.
  3. Please ask your vet to ensure that they use the correct submission form to prevent delays in testing and reporting.
  4. Important: please provide an extra blood sample / animal if you require non-Health Scheme tests done along with your Health Scheme tests. 

Important Information about Tag and Test for BVD

We will accept a limited number of test results from another suitably accredited laboratory to achieve first  qualifying pass only. Thereafter all testing MUST be done through our testing system.
This is because we have to manually enter all results and ear numbers onto the PCHS database and this takes a considerable amount of time. Another consideration is that we have control over our testing systems and therefore are in a position to interpret the results, advise on correct actions and accredit. We have very limited knowledge of testing systems outwith our control.

  • For clients who continue to use  another testing lab for BVD  tag and test for their own records, we advise that they carry out a check test via PCHS each year (please make sure you blood test 5 unvaccinated animals between 9-18 months of age in each management group (totalling at least 7 animals ) so that we can enter these results onto the PCHS database
  • Please see this page for tag and test companies who use our lab
  • Please keep BVD ear tissue samples in cool dry place (could store in fridge) and submit for testing in batches of intervals of no more than 2 weeks (DO NOT FREEZE)


Premium Cattle Health Scheme (PCHS)

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Address: SRUC Veterinary Services, Greycrook, St Boswells TD6 0EQ

Telephone: 01835 822456

Fax: 01835 823643


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