BVD Stamp It Out England

Background information about BVD Stamp It Out Investigation and Control Programme official page click here

SAC Veterinary Services is one of a number of designated labs for BVD Stamp It Out project in England. If you and your vet are taking part in the Stamp It Out Campaign and you have chosen to use our lab please see below for submission forms and prices.

Submission Forms

BVD Stamp It Out Antibody Submission Form for Check Test

BVD Stamp It Out Antigen Submission Form for PI Hunt

BVD Stamp It Out Price List

BVD Check Tests

  • BVD Antibody: £3.80/sample
  •  £20.25 for 5 animals including BVDFree upload charge and £40.50 for 10 animals  (ex vat).

PI Hunts

  • BVD Antigen (ELISA) can be used on animals from 4 weeks and above: £5.40/sample
  • BVD PCR (virus) can be used on animals aged 6 weeks and above: £4.00/sample

Upload to BVDfree England:

  • BVD Antibody 50p/result
  • BVD Antigen: 25p/result

Important: it is essential that you register with BVDFree England PRIOR to your results being received.


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