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Coronavirus Update


Update  31/03/2020

We are working hard to keep SRUC Veterinary Services open while protecting our staff and the NHS by social distancing, other hygiene measures and home working where possible.

Despite our best efforts, the current crisis will affect aspects of our service to clients. In particular, turnaround times may be prolonged. This may change rapidly as the situation develops so please check this web page regularly.

Priority areas:

We are prioritising our responsibility for statutory disease, animal welfare, serious disease outbreaks, potential food safety incidents and potential new or emerging diseases. 

Post-mortem examinations:

  • We need to concentrate on cases that may be important for the priority areas mentioned above.
  • Please contact the Duty Vet in your region (0131 535 3130, selecting Option 1 for Duty Vet and then Regional option as appropriate) to discuss before submitting any carcases for post-mortem examination.

Other diagnostic testing:

  • Critical testing continues to be carried out to support farm and food-producing businesses. Please do not submit unnecessary routine testing at this time.
  • The need for telephone discussions about cases in general has never been greater and our VIOs are available to do this.

Health Schemes/BVD samples:

  • RCVS and BVA guidance is that vets should not be travelling to farms to perform routine tests. We therefore do not expect to receive routine herd blood test submissions at this time.
  • Urgent Scottish Statutory BVD tests and added animal quarantine tests will be prioritised where possible and should be clearly marked “URGENT” on the outside of the packaging.
  • Other samples we receive will be processed as staffing levels allow.

In line with CHeCS guidance, where there is a delay to completing annual testing due to the COVID-19 situation, accreditation will be suspended when testing becomes overdue (one month after renewal date); however, accreditation will be re-instated as soon as the testing is carried out, provided it is clear and the herd has been abiding by the rules of the scheme in the interim. 

The guidance applies to both the Premium Cattle Health Scheme and the Premium Sheep and Goat Health Scheme.

If a Johne’s annual test is delayed, please submit a faecal sample from any animal over two years old leaving the herd in the interim period (1 year old for sheep/goats).

Please email if you have any questions about PCHS or PSGHS.

Contact with clients and members of the public:

Social distancing and other hygiene measures are in place at all our locations, please read and follow the local information provided.There will be no face-to-face contact with visitors at our post mortem sites. Farm workers dropping off material will be interviewed over the phone (please provide a phone number).  We have a drop off point for parcels but please note this service is only available at post mortem sites.

We request that anyone displaying a cough or a fever DO NOT travel to the SRUC






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