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Spreading Organic Materials Assurance

Mission Statement:

SOMA will become the leading accreditation for operators applying organic materials to land for agricultural benefit.

Positioning statement:

The Spreading Organic Materials Assurance is a CPD accreditation targeted specifically at contractors and operators involved in the spreading of organic waste derived materials to land.

It is our aim for all individuals and organisations involved in applying organic materials to land to be certified with the SOMA scheme, and for this to become a regulatory requirement through-out the governing bodies of England and Scotland, as well as the wider United Kingdom and the European Union.

Wider Background:

In the waste sector, the primary focus is to reduce, reuse and recycle materials to reduce the quantity of landfill produced in the UK. Many of the organic waste materials produced can be recovered to land for agricultural benefit. At this point, these waste derived materials cease to be wastes, and have an asset value.

As a nation, the ability to recover these materials to land is of extreme importance, and in order to protect this outlet it is felt that a base level of competency should be introduced for all operators. This level can be achieved through SOMA, which will accredit operators who have taken and passed an approved training course.

Scheme costs:

Membership of SOMA will cost £70 plus vat per year, and operators who hold the assurance will be issued with a photo ID card as well as being listed on a database available online, to demonstrate to the industry that they hold the standard and market themselves to organisations who want to ensure their materials are only applied by members of SOMA.

Who is this aimed at?

SOMA is for any operator applying non-farm waste derived materials to land for agricultural benefit. Sectors include, but are not limited to; biosolids, food waste, digestate, compost etc


The technical manual gives an outline syllabus for the training course that should be taken. It states that only WAMITAB accredited courses are suitable to be taken. Upon taking a course, a short written assessment will be taken and upon passing this assessment, the operator will be issued with the accreditation documents listed above.

Once accredited, operators will be expected to maintain their CPD and keep up to date with changing regulations. To maintain accreditation, operators will have to sit a 1 day refresher course every 3 years. This will be dated from the point that the operator becomes assured, and the operator will be reminded by the scheme that their refresher course is due.

Currently, Fieldfare Associates offers a course which meets the terms of the scheme.

Current List of SOMA Accredited Operators:

Sinclair Agricultural & Recycling Services - Aberdeenshire - - 07774 893101

  • Robert Brown
  • William Ewing
  • Tom Foley
  • Jake Ironside
  • Stuart Miles
  • Colin Rae
  • Magnus Sinclair
  • Craig Stephen
  • Liam Swanney
  • Stephen Wright

Robinson Contract Services - East Yorkshire - - 01964 544415

  • Will Green
  • Ryan Black
  • Garry Clark
  • Mike Neville

AWSM Farming Ltd - North Yorkshire - - 01833 627207

  • Chris Clark

Further Information:

For information regarding SOMA and the rules, course details and cost, course syllabus, operational detail and penalties contact Neil Carter, Senior Consultant, SAC Consulting by e-mail or by mobile 07825781347 or alternatively e-mail

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