Grazing on the Edge - managing special landscapes in crofting areas

Grazing on the edge

The film ‘Grazing on the Edge’ captures the experiences of Common Graziers, Young Crofters, government agencies and advisors in working common grazings land in unique High Nature Value Landscapes.

Grazing on the Edge was made by researchers from the James Hutton Institute together with Skye graziers and young crofters shot on the Trotternish ridge and other parts of Skye between 2015 and 2016. Skye young crofters from the Young Farmers Association engaged in a short film collaboration to provide footage for the final film about their daily work as young crofters.

The film premiered at the Aros Centre on Skye in November 2016 to great acclaim. The film was the culmination of the James Hutton Institute’s project called “Transgrass” (funded by the Scottish Government RESAS programme).

Common Grazings  

Common Grazings occupy 6% of Scotland’s land mass, mainly in remote and hill, upland or island areas.

Several Common Grazings are within Designated Sites, such as SSSI, SAC and SPAs and many Common Grazings are used and managed by crofters with sheep and cows.

Watch the film online

You can also view the video Youtube if you have slower internet speed. 

Key themes - film excerpts

Below are four exerpts from the film highlighting key themes that came out of it. 

Young Crofters 

Policy actions 

Re-allocating common grazing shares

Agri-environment schemes

Upcoming screenings

Cross Party Group on Crofting - Holyrood, Edinburgh – Wednesday 15 March 2017 

SNH, Great Glen House, Inverness - Monday 27 February 2017, 11am

RESAS seminar series, Edinburgh - date TBC 

Interested in hosting a screening?

If you would like to host a screening of this film please contact Janette Sutherland or 01478612993.

Thanks and special contributions 

The researchers from the James Hutton Institute working on the Trangrass project would like to thank Janette Sutherland at SAC consulting for patiently shaping the project and the film, for leading the organization of the film premiere in Aros and further screenings and promotion.

We would also like to extend our thanks the following participants who participated in the making of the film and the Transgrass project:

  • Corries General and Staffin General Grazings Committees and Shareholders
  • Skye Young Farmers
  • Crofting Commission
  • Scottish Crofting Federations (SCF)
  • National Farmers Union of Scotland (NFUS)
  • Rural Payments and Inspectorate Directorate (RPID)
  • SAC Consulting

We would also like to thank all participants at two workshops that shaped the film, from organizations including all the above mentioned, plus Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), Scottish Lands and Estates (SLE), Cairngorms National Park Authority (CNPA), European Forum on Nature Conservation, Scottish Rural College (SRUC), Southampton University, University of Helsinki and the workshops key facilitator, Chris York from Walking the Talk.

The screenings and SAC webhosting are funded by the Universities Innovation Fund from Scottish Funding Council.

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