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UAVs For Land Use Research


Scotland’s Rural College is now researching the abilities of drones (also known as unmanned aerial vehicles - UAVs), to identify where they could be best used in the agricultural and environmental sectors. Watch an example video of how we are using our drones.

The high resolution imagery and frequent data acquisition that can be obtained by using drones will give several advantages to farmers, including:

  • The ability to detect weed species at an early stage of crop growth.
  • Enable crop biomass to be evaluated throughout its growth cycle.
  • Helping to identify the health of crops during their growth cycle, including nutrient status, water stress and pest infestations.

For those working in the environment sector, imagery obtained from drones will enable and enhance activities such as:

  • Detailed habitat visualisation and classification.
  • Identifying the extent and spread of invasive species.
  • Monitoring and counting of species such as ground nesting birds without causing disturbance.

Simon Gibson-Poole

Simon Gibson Poole

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