Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

Livestock and Dairy

SAC Consulting works with producers and stakeholders across the supply chain, identifying on-farm solutions for more profitable and sustainable livestock production systems.

With up-to-date technical information and access to the latest research studies we can enable you to make the right management decisions for your business. SAC Consulting offers knowledge of the livestock sector at local and regional level combined with information from our ongoing research programmes.


Livestock services & projects

Livestock projects

Our consultants combine specialist knowledge, practical experience, and innovative outlook to provide you with the information and guidance necessary to meet the challenges presented by today’s farming industry.

Sheep and Beef News

Sheep and beef news

Keep up to date with the latest developments through our monthly publication, Sheep and Beef News. 



Cattle and sheep nutrition program.



MilkNET is our Dairy Internet Service.

Livestock Record Programme

Livestock management and Welfare

Livestock Record Program is a complete management program for cattle and sheep, meeting all statutory records and management requirements.

Pig Information Group

Pigs And Poultry research

The Pig Information Group is made up of experts from SRUC and SAC Consulting who work on various topics relating to pigs.

Livestock research

Papers reports

A sample of the industry leading research being undertaken across SRUC on behalf of the livestock sector.

Health schemes and laboratory services

Health schemes and laboratory services

We offer laboratory diagnostic services at each of our eight disease surveillance centres. In partnership with vet practices and farmers throughout the UK, we also offer cost-effective health schemes.

Meet the team

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Kirsten Williams

Senior Beef and Sheep Consultant

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Basil Lowman

Senior Beef Consultant

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Lorna MacPherson

Dairy Consultant

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Poppy Frater

Senior Sheep & Grassland Specialist

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Mary Young

Ruminant Nutritionist

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Karen Stewart

Ruminant Nutritionist

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Sarah Balfour

Beef Consultant

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Lesley Wylie

Beef Consultant

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Robert Ramsay

Senior Beef Specialist