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Our mission is to enhance the sustainability of our land-based industries. Education and training courses at SRUC encourage the development of knowledge and skills for current and future employment.

Every student undertaking a course with us will obtain transferable skills that are recognised by all employers.

After your first year of study here you will be competent in the use of Word, Access, Excel and PowerPoint and will have developed a range of business skills (including marketing, finance), as well as developing your presentation skills (both oral and written).

All of our courses have direct links with industry. Many of our teaching staff are directly involved in up-to-date research, results of which are passed on first hand to you, the student, and we have a number of experts from industry who frequently come and give guest lectures, or run a whole module. This is a great way to make contacts!

All of the courses offered by us require you at some point to carry out a work placement. Work placements give you the practical experience that many employers look for.

By the end of your time studying with SRUC you will have been fully prepared for your future career. Our modular course structure enables you to study at a pace that suits your other commitments.

Many students study part-time whilst working and are able to immediately apply their knowledge to their working environment. Other students attend short training courses updating their skills.

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