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Workshop for school pupils - how would you fair as a sensory assessor?

Why is it very important to assess the taste, colour, texture etc. of food?

The sensory characteristics of a food can determine the success or failure of a product in the market place. If a consumer does not 'like' a product he/she is unlikely to make a repeat purchase.

What facilities are required? How do you select and train your assessors? What sensory tests are used in the food industry?

At our Riverside Campus in Ayr we offer a workshop for school pupils which usually takes 2.5 hours although it can be tailored for a group's specific needs. This takes place in our sensory testing area and is practical-based - find out how good you would be as a sensory assessor.

For more details, please contact the Ayr Education Office using the details below.

Ayr Education Office

Address: SRUC Ayr Riverside Campus, University Avenue, KA8 0SX

Telephone: 01292 886200


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