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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

SRUC Graduate Attributes

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How we help graduates

Appropriate to their level of study, we will help graduates to:

Become academically competent, with

  • a breadth and depth of knowledge, understanding and skills of their chosen subject;
  • a breadth of knowledge and understanding beyond their chosen subject;
  • an understanding of the provisional nature of knowledge;
  • a recognition of informed argument and debate as means of challenging accepted knowledge and understanding;
  • an ability to communicate effectively for different purposes and in different contexts;
  • an ability to contextualise knowledge and ideas.

Become critical thinkers, with

  • a capacity for independent and creative thinking;
  • an ability to identify and solve problems
  • a capacity to collect, synthesise and analyse information in a reasoned manner.

Develop a desire for learning and personal development, with

  • an openness to, and an interest in, lifelong learning through both directed and independent study;
  • an awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses;
  • an ability to recognise, create and capitalise on entrepreneurial opportunities;
  • the capacity to reflect on their abilities and seek continual personal development.

Become responsible members of society, with

  • an understanding of the global responsibilities and issues within their chosen subject area;
  • a recognition of the value of cultural and social diversity;
  • a responsible attitude to ethical and environmental issues;
  • an understanding of the principles of sustainability.

Maximise their employability, with

  • the confidence to effectively apply their acquired knowledge, understanding and skills in the workplace;
  • well-developed practical skills, reflecting the vocational nature of their chosen subject;
  • effective leadership and organisational skills;
  • an ability to work independently and as part of a team;
  • a diverse set of transferable skills;
  • an international perspective of relevant policies and practice.

SRUC Student Recruitment

Telephone: 0800 269 453


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