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Harriet Wishart

Technician and part-time PhD student
Future Farming Systems - Hill & Mountain Research Centre

Research interests 

My research interests include:
  • Precision Livestock Farming in extensive systems.
  • Use of identification and weighing technology to assist husbandry practices and management decisions
  • How individual animal data can be used to inform decision making
  • Hill sheep systems and new approaches to improve the system
  • Reliable collection and use of liveweights, including factors that impact on accuracy and precision
  • Providing supplementation to pregnant ewes based of liveweight change
  • Making informed culling and retention decisions on ewes from a flock, based on individual performance data

Selected research projects

PhD title: Applying Precision Livestock Farming approaches to an extensive sheep system
Using individual ewe data, as well as technology, to address the issues of supplementation of pregnant ewes and making flock retention and culling decisions.


Selected publications

Link to SRUC repository 

Harriet Wishart

Address: SRUC Hill and Mountain Research Centre
Kirkton Farm
FK20 8RU

Telephone: 01838 400 524