Dr Alyson Barratt

Research Economist
Policy, Innovation and Behaviour Change

Research interests

I joined SRUC in September 2015 as research economist. Before SRUC, I worked as fisheries economist with an interest in the natural resource management of capture fisheries. 
My PhD from the University of Aberdeen focused on fisheries management policy in relation to real-time area fishing closures, and understanding individual fisher behaviour in the context of fish landed and the spatial fishing location choice of Scottish demersal fishers.

My main research interest is in the economics of animal health and welfare, prevention and control of animal disease.  In collaboration with colleagues from SRUC and other institutes, I am developing a framework for cost benefit and economic welfare analysis that can be applied to future disease scenarios.  My current work focusses on the application of these methods to a number of diseases in dairy and beef cattle in Scotland and the UK.  I am also interested in farmer behaviour in response to animal disease control options.

I would like my work to contribute to a better integration between economics and epidemiological research in the field of animal health and welfare.

Selected research projects

  • EPIC 3 (Scottish Government 2016-2021) – Epidemiology, Population health and Infectious disease Control
    Economic and behavioural analysis of potential disease control options (Topic 4)
    Economic analysis of the implications, risks, and opportunities to the Scottish livestock industry resulting from a changing local and international policy environment (Topic 5)
  • FLAG (BBSRC current) – Improving the control of liver fluke infection in cattle in the UK
    Economic welfare analysis of liver fluke in dairy and beef cattle

Selected publications

  • Little, A. S., Needle, C. L., Hilborn, R., Holland, D. S. and Marshall, C. T. (2015), Real-time spatial management approaches to reduce bycatch and discards: experiences from Europe and the United States. Fish and Fisheries, 16: 576–602. doi: 10.1111/faf.12080. (as A S Little)
  • Prellezo, R., Accadia, P., Andersen, J.L., Andersen, B.S., Buisman, E., Little, A., Nielsen, J.R., Poos, J.J., Powell, J. and Röckmann, C., 2012. A review of EU bio-economic models for fisheries: the value of a diversity of models. Marine Policy, 36(2): 423-431. (as A S Little)
  • Heymans, J.J., Mackinson, S., Sumaila, U.R., Dyck, A. and Little, A., (2011). The impact of subsidies on the ecological sustainability and future profits from North Sea fisheries. PLoS One, 6(5): p.e20239.
  • O'Brien, C.M. and Little, A.S., 2006. Incorporation of process information into stock-recruitment models (Vol. 282). International Council for the Exploration of the Sea. (as A S Little)

Dr Alyson Barratt

Address: Land Economy, Environment and Society Research Group, SRUC, King’s Buildings, West Mains Road, Edinburgh, EH9 3JG

Telephone: 0131 535 4213

E-mail: alyson.barratt@sruc.ac.uk