Know the Rules

Not sure what you need to do to reduce diffuse pollution risks and comply with regulations?

Take a look at the pages and information sheets below to see how you can keep on the right side of the rules, reduce diffuse pollution and benefit the farm business.

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Diffuse Pollution - Reducing the Risk - Provides general information on diffuse pollution from rural land use.

Steading Drainage - Runoff from around the steading can be a discrete source of diffuse pollution from the farm; see what you need to consider to reduce the risk.

Slurry and Manure - A valuable fertiliser on the farm, but slurry needs to be collected, stored and applied appropriately to get optimum nutrient value and reduce pollution risks.

Inorganic Fertilisers - Considered nutrient management can help you to optimise yield on the farm and reduce losses to the water environment.

Poaching and Erosion by Livestock - Poaching around watercourses can be an issue for both water quality and farm soils.

Soils and Cultivation - A loss of soil is a loss to the business; protect farm soils from erosion.

Using Pesticides - A small amount of pesticide can have a big impact on water quality; minimise pollution risks when using pesticides.

Purchase and Storage of Pesticides - Know your obligations when purchasing and storing pesticides on the farm.

Sheep Dipping - Sheep dip can cause significant damage to watercourses; know the rules relating to use of dip.

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More Information?

Our information sheets summarise the main rules related to these activities. To read the rules in more detail, see:

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