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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.



OPAL - surveying treesThe Rural Economy, Environment and Society Research Group has very active international networks, and our staff greatly value the perspectives which come from researchers from many countries.

One part of our international engagement is through hosting interns or visiting academics. We typically provide workspace and project supervision for a period of 4-8 weeks, and the intern or visitor usually gives a seminar to staff during their period of research. Often, the intern is paid for by their host institution to be based with us – this payment covers all their living costs. Unfortunately we cannot provide payment for interns or visiting researchers.

Usually an intern or research visitor is invited by a staff member in the Group. However, we also welcome approaches from researchers who would like us to consider them for a period of hosting. In order to maximise the benefits to both the visitor and the Research Group staff, it is essential that the project proposed by the visitor fits well with the work of the Group and of particular staff member(s). You can find more information about the work of our teams by browsing our Group pages.



If you are interested in exploring the possibility of being based in the Group for a short period as an intern or visiting researcher, please first email attaching:

  • a short CV/resume,
  • a one-page project outline,
  • and a short cover letter explaining why you feel you would benefit from being hosted by our Group.

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