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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

Research Centres

SRUC is a UK leader in agricultural and other land based research areas, and five research centres are situated in or close to SRUC Edinburgh campus.

The centres help to inform Scottish, UK and EU policy, and deal with topics around food security such as genetics, sustainable land management, animal sensors and monitoring systems and climate change effects and mitigation.

These centres are also excellent facilities to allow students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, to get hands on experience using research facilities with cutting edge techniques.

This allows students to gain an insight into the issues and complexity of being able to supply food to a growing world population whilst being impacted by climate change and increased pressures on limited natural resources.

Rural Policy Centre

Window of opportunity

The Rural Policy Centre looks into the impact of current and future policies on rural businesses and communities.

Pig Research Centre

Pig Research Centre

Looking into the nutrition, genetics, behaviour, housing and welfare of pigs.

Beef and Sheep

Cattle and sheep

The Beef and Sheep Research Centre is looking into the future of beef and sheep farming systems.

Carbon Management

Globe with butterflies

Identifying ways to reduce carbon emissions from agriculture and food production.

Hill and Mountain

Kirkton Tup

The Hill and Mountain Research Centre seeks economically, environmentally and socially sound sustainable land management systems.