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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

Noha Mahmoud

PhD Fellow

Rural Economy, Environment & Society

Sustainable Ecosystems team

Research Interests

Coming from a multi-disciplinary background, my research interests includes but not limited to;

  • Climate change mitigation policies
  • Agricultural landscape and ecosystem services
  • Water resources management
  • Rural socio-economic development

My PhD research aims at showing the importance of integrating environmental and social indicators in time and space, when assessing the consequences of changing agricultural production practices. Two case studies are conducted, using examples of environmental and social indicators. In the first case, we developed a method to use nationally available, high spatial resolution data on hydrological processes and farm management to minimise the agricultural land area selected at a field scale for afforestation to achieve a given reduction of nitrogen loading or greenhouse gas emissions, and assess the co-reduction in the non-targeted pollutant. The effect of policy interventions on the selection of land for afforestation will be investigated. In the second case, we will study the impact of future agricultural development, such as temporal development on injuries resulting from agricultural practices. This will require the development of a methodology to quantify the relationship between agricultural injuries and agricultural practices. Building on the results of both case studies, we will investigate the simultaneous changes on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and agricultural injuries, under a common future development scenario.

Selected research projects / PhD title

Quantifying the social, economic and environmental consequences of changes in agricultural production from a spatial perspective.
PhD project in collaboration with Aarhus University, Denmark.

PHD Supervisors

  • Dr. Nicholas John Hutchings Department of Agroecology, Aarhus University
  • Dr. Vera Eory SRUC
  • Dr. Kairsty Topp SRUC

Selected publications

Noha Mahmoud and Nicholas J. Hutchings. 2020. The advantages of using field- and farm-scale data to target agri-environmental measures—an example of afforestation. Journal of Environmental policy and science 114, 14-21.

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