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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.


This page provides advice on using our site.

Log In, Register, Search

Log In, Register and Search appear at the top of the page.

Registering lets you tell us a bit about yourself so we can provide content of interest to you. It also lets you receive email alerts and track the progress of electronic forms you have submitted.

To search, type your search query and click the magnifying class icon or hit the Enter key on your keyboard. For advanced search, click the magnifying glass icon before typing your search query.

Advanced search offers extra ways to help you find what you are looking for (for example, you can search only for PDF files).


Main navigation links are shown as tabs above the content area. Clicking a tab shows a list of main content in each area, enabling you to quickly navigate from one area to another.

On content pages, sub-navigation links are shown on the left, allowing you to navigate within the current area.

On all pages except the main home page, a breadcrumb trail is shown above the content area. This is a clickable list of links showing the path from the main home page to the page you are on.

Topic Navigation

Pages may be tagged with one or more topics. When a page is tagged, its topics are listed below the content area. Clicking a topic takes you to a results page listing all other content tagged with the same topic.

This helps you quickly find relevant content, no matter where in the site it is located. You can bookmark the results page and use it to keep track of new content matching that topic.

Page Content

Page content appears in the centre. Content can be single-page or multi-page. Multi-page content has in-page navigation at the bottom of the content area enabling you to move between pages.


Contact information (including telephone number and email address) appears below the content.

Related Items

Related items, such as Downloads, Forms and Directories, appear below the content. Clicking each link takes you to a list of related items of that type. Clicking each item in the list takes you to the related item itself.

Downloadable Files

Downloadable files (Excel, PDF, Powerpoint and Word) require additional software to view. PDF files require the free Adobe Reader to view. Excel, Powerpoint and Word files require Microsoft Office or the free LibreOffice to view.

Flash Content

Some content (such as video clips and MP3 files) requires the free Flash Player to view.

Find Us On 

"Find us on" links at the bottom of each page lead to our Facebook and Twitter pages. The orange RSS icon allows you to subscribe to our news feed. 


The footer appears at the bottom of each page, and includes links to the Site Map, Accessibility, this Help page, a Feedback Form, our Privacy Policy, Company Details and Disclaimer. It also shows organisational and copyright information.

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David Healy

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