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Hernan Botero Degiovanni

Postdoctoral researcher
Land Economy, Environment & Society
Behavioural Change & Innovation

Research interests 

I am a microeconomist who specializes in public economics, experimental economics, microeconometric, linear programming and game theory modelling (PhD at West Virginia University). Before joining SRUC, I worked as a full-time associate professor at University of Antioquia (UA), Colombia, where I worked in a diversity of consulting projects for private enterprises and public institutions. During my time at UA, I also built and directed a laboratory in experimental economics.
My research interests focus on understanding the behavioural response of consumers and producers to public policy as well as on building mathematical and statistical models aimed at analysing the economic consequences of public policy. Work has been done on four fronts. Firstly, I have analysed the consequences of trade policy on industrial total factor productivity change. Secondly, I have modelled crime policy and attempted to determine the consequences of drug enforcement on violence. On this topic, I have also analysed the behavioural response of producers and consumers to drug enforcement. Thirdly, I have investigated in the laboratory whether individuals react to punishment, and whether individuals’ aversion to risk is correlated with their policy compliance.  Finally, I became interested in analysing climate change policies and the behavioural response of individuals to climate change and climate change policy.

Selected research projects

  • Analysing the determinants of the Factor Productivity of the Manufacture Sector in Antioquia, Colombia
    We studied what the determinants of Antioquia’s Manufacture sector’ factor productivity were, how international trade affected that productivity.
  • Investigating the hedonic prices of Antioquia’s residential units
    We investigated the hedonic prices of antioquia’s residential units, emphasizing the effect of crime on those prices.
  • The deterrence hypothesis in the lab
    We run an experimental economics game where we attempted to study the relationship between the degree of risk aversion and the rate of property crime.
  • Determining a typology of beans’ grower in Colombia around climate change
    We are performing a Latent Class Analysis to determine how many types of beans’ growers there exist in Colombia regarding climate change

Selected publications

  • Book: 2005. Desarrollo y Competitividad de la Industria de Antioquia en un context de Integracion Economica. Editorial Universidad de Antioquia. With Yudy Giraldo, Jorge Lotero, Ana Isabel Moreno y Mauricio Valencia.
  • Book: 2013. Three Essays on Crime. West Virginia University Press.
  • Paper: 2005. Competitividad de las Exportaciones de la Industria Manufacturera: Evidencia empirica y determinantes utilizando un modelo SUR. Ensayo de Politica Economica, 49, pages 47-87. With Jorge Lotero.
  • Paper 2004. La especializacion de la industria Antioquena en el comercio mundial, 1989-2000, OIKOS, 18, pages 25-36.
  • Woking Paper: 2018. The Risk of Drug Dependence: Modeling the primrose path hypothesis. Submitted. With Santiago Pinto.
  • Working Paper: 2018. Is there a causal correlation between drug enforcement and violence? Evidence from Colombia. Submitted. With Santiago Pinto.
  • Working Paper: 2018. Property Crime and Risk: The deterrence hypothesis in the lab. With Sebastian Ospina.

Hernan Botero Degiovanni

Address: Land Economy, Environment and Society Research Group, SRUC, King's Buildings, West Mains Road Edinburgh EH9 3JG

Telephone: 0131 535 4337