Francesca Shepherd

Postgraduate Research Student
Animal & Veterinary Sciences
Disease Systems

Research interests:

I graduated from Newcastle University in 2017 with a BSc (Hons) degree in Animal Science and during this degree I developed a passion for ruminant livestock health and management. For my undergraduate dissertation I looked into factors that affected digital dermatitis within a dairy herd and if the disease impacted on milk production.

Parasitology along with grazing systems, forage utilisation etc. was among my favourite topics during my undergraduate degree which is what attracted me to the content of my current PhD. Gastrointestinal parasites remain a significant health challenge in the ruminant livestock industry and, due to rising levels of anthelmintic resistance and increased interest in organic farming, finding alternatives to anthelmintic control is an important study area.

I have also worked on a selection of farms in both the UK and Australia and hope to apply practical experience with research that can benefit livestock farming systems in the future.

Selected research projects / PhD title

  • Development of strategies to replace anthelmintic use in livestock
    Exploring the use of feeding bioactive forages, in particular heather, to control gastrointestinal parasites on organic sheep farms.

PhD students/supervisor