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Q: What is a pre-print, post-print, publisher’s copy and their differences?


This is just some of the terminology used to describe the different versions of journals articles during the stages of the publishing process. Unfortunately there are no universally agreed terms or definitions but those in common use are:

Pre-print – this is the pre-refereed and unpublished version of the paper that has been submitted for publication and has not yet been peer-reviewed.

Post-print – otherwise known as Author’s Final Version, Author Accepted Manuscript – this is the author’s version of the manuscript that has been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication. It incorporates any changes or corrections required and has been revised by the author.

Publisher’s version – otherwise known as Publisher PDF, Version of Record, Published Journal Article – this is the final version of the article as it appears in the journal, incorporating any copy editing, layout and typesetting done by the publisher.

It is recommended that you create and keep your own copies of these different versions of your research.

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