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Q: What are the benefits of an institutional repository?


An institutional repository brings benefits to the institution, the researcher and to those interested in scholarly publications.

By depositing your research in the repository, it is more visible and accessible to a wider audience as it is overcoming the barriers associated with the traditional subscription model, which can lead to an increase in your citation count and impact.

It raises your research profile, which can result in the creation of the new collaboration opportunities and potential further funding prospects.

Placing your work in the repository removes access and subscription barriers, making it more available to all and encourages the sharing scholarship and intellectual wealth.

It offers a central place for storage and preservation of your papers as they will be held in the repository indefinitely. Search engines rank results from repositories much higher than those from personal web pages, which also boosts your visibility.

Most research funders now have policies requiring deposit of research outputs in open access repositories as a condition of grants and funding.

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