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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

Frequently Asked Questions: Premium Cattle Health Scheme

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Q: BVD: How do I become BVD Accredited?


  • To achieve accreditation the herd must have met the biosecurity requirements at least from the point of the first herd test.
  • In herds calving in one seasonal period accreditation can be achieved in a 12 month period with check tests on two consecutive generations of calves, but for herds with two calving seasons or all year calving this will be from 18 months to two years.
  • The tests can either be a Check Test or a Screen of All Calves born in a year. A Check Test is a BVD antibody test of 5 cattle, aged 9-18 months, homebred, unvaccinated from each of your management groups. (Guidance on check test.)
  • If you are screening all calves this is for BVD virus using either the antigen or PCR test and can be done by tissue tagging or blood testing.

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